We were all dancing till the last drop of Chardonnay.
The world appears to be high rather I was high revved up and ready to go, dancing till my legs go numb.
A stranger come at me, I don’t have the foggiest idea how we get to share a smoke we talked about life.
 We kissed we made love that’s why I put my love in every stranger.
No expectations no demands no complaints.
But then there are counter chords of sentiments which says lets end there what we shared or let’s start  from what we shared.
One part of heart says stick to discover love and be more profound.
One piece of cerebrum says proceed onward and let go.
It’s all a glob of disarray.

Mystified heart

The night was passing steadily.

We smoked few joints.

we were tripping or rather I was tripping on you.

Feeling for you is ethically wrong

However, my heart is adamantly correct.

Who are we to say what is right?

There is one saying do what you like the most .

but sometimes wrongdoing make you feel more right.

Just like all the things which kill you inside makes you feel alive.

How unfortunate is that you got to do what you got a do, however, you actually can’t do.

So who is right your heart, your body or your mind?

Making the wisest decision may propitiate my mind yet it will make disarray in my heart so who isn’t right and who is correct who are we to tell.

New ways to cure depression.

Isn’t it ironic how drugs can alienate depression and can make it easier to live happily.
Traditionally sage monks used marijuana as a medicinal herb which act as remedies to lots of human problem but today this new study from European Neuropsychopharmacology indicate that ketamine could reverse insensitivity to prediction error in depression.
Ketamine is pretty amusing by its potential effects on a human brain few ravers claim that after taking ketamine they had a happy trip not like any Ayahuasca or mescaline kind but a kind where they seem euphoric and  jubilant.

The history of ketamine starts in the early 1950s, when chemists developed the drug as a veterinary anesthetic. About a decade later, it began being used on humans but was found to produce a trance-like, dissociative state. That’s part of the reason it’s currently used in emergency rooms, . It was also  used on the battlefields of the Vietnam War.

At lower doses, it can help ease pain. Ketamine helps sedatives work and may help people need fewer addictive painkillers, like morphine after surgery or while caring for burns.
But the main question arises here is how it improves depression this is largely because ketamine doesn’t work the way ordinary antidepressants do – its primary mechanism isn’t to increase monoamines in the brain like serotonin, and so ketamine gives us new insight into other potential mechanisms underlying depression,” said lead researcher Rachael Sumner, a postdoctoral research fellow at The University of Auckland School of Pharmacy.
Recent data suggest that ketamine, given intravenously, might be the most important breakthrough in antidepressant treatment in decades but ketamine still has a shady side due to its psychedelics nature if it is been abused then there are many medical emergencies and sometimes it leads to death so one should see through with it and use it only under some medical guidance.


Let me put a thought in new your mind what is your most favorite fiction novel or a movie and why would that be.
We all have that one book or a movie we tend to watch when we are at our lowest because in life everything comes with a price or a condition even happiness but in fiction you know regardless of what you think you will find peace in the end.

It works as a mechanism of circumventing, escaping from a real life just for some time.

Fiction is way of escaping from reality you can live hundred of lives or thousands perhaps it is an unparalleled opportunity to insert yourself in a different place and time. It allows you the freedom to remove yourself from wherever you currently are. It allows your mind to wander and see reality from new perspective. 

We can take a magical wand and transform something wilderness into a mystical new world. We can be different characters and can take ourselves back to the days in which we read under a tiny reading light until 2 AM without a worry in the world.

Reading fiction has given me the optimism, the belief, and the hope that when the tragic part of life will be over, that tiny reading light will be a light that covers the entire horizon. I read fiction because I can be anyone without the world knowing and I can play any emotion without any repercussion it makes me go back to the time when I was this tiny girl who just got lost in the world of characters.

State : psychedelic

People says Psychedelics are menace to society they may, may not right because everything has a deeper meaning altogether things are making sense to you once you began a part of something. Psychedelics is not only taking about intoxicants and something we called gateway , To be psychedelic is to have a endurance to own our demons facing your own traumas , fear, doubts and trynna live with that in tranquillity , to live without any chains to be limitless and expressing every trace of emotion in the expression of dance and move forward gracefully. It acknowledge you to see beyond our perishing mortal eyes can see, visions beyond the realm of life .

I am as yet reckoning each part of being in psychedelic in the wake of being a piece of it, it truly encourages me to discover who I am , what I am. I wasn’t this individual before I see another me with more certainty and fundamentally I own up my fears demons . Each experience moves me forward towards more in life . At the present time what I most comprehend is that I can be whatever i want to be.

They say beauty lie with in and it’s true every bit of it is true because every moment we live in is beautiful. I don’t know about world but i live every day for these moments.

Does ganja abuse you or you abuse ganja

Does ganja abuse you or you abuse ganja

Think thoroughly

Someone I know said ” am using weed from past 4 yrs and it not just help me to embrace myself and exemplified as better individual yet it additionally changes my viewpoint on living spectrum , relationships even the littlest living being”.

As commonly said it’s a hazard and it is a gateway to synthetic drug I highly deny this statement because it not ganja who persuade you towards drugs it’s a human living body affinity to consistently denounced something or the other for their own harm. Marijuana has mind-altering compounds that affect both your brain and body. The main psychoactive ingredient THC stimulates the part of your brain that responds to pleasure like food and sex. That unleashes a chemical called dopamine, which gives you a euphoric, relaxed feeling.

Utilizing pot is possibly not for everybody, for me it worked in an astounding structure gives kind of zeal towards life. In some cases generally in late teens individuals  make a sort of companion strain to smoke weed and in peer pressure they begin utilizing it however a definitive objective is an articulate disappointment.

 Addiction and marijuana go hand in hand but every human has some kind of switch on and switch off button embodied in their soul so if the person uses it wisely then in this life they cannot get addicted to any sort of thing.

There are things like love which also can get you in trouble get yourself addicted to then why it’s not a taboo, it should be right, but beacuse this is the notion our World has to offer . Human Beings always do everything in excess if we start doing things in moderation then there is nothing which can harm you.

Depression is common in every other next person you meet. Marijuana actually has said to be the cure for depression the endocannabinoid compounds in cannabis can help in stabilizing moods which can ease depression. Cannabis is known to calm users down and control their mood. It can help children with autism that experience frequent violent mood swings control it. Research conducted on CBD has shown that it can help control seizures. There are ongoing studies to determine the effect cannabis has on individuals with epilepsy

Another one of the many health benefits of cannabis is that there is no doubt cannabis is much safer than alcohol. While it may not be 100% risk-free, it can be a smarter way to curb alcoholism by substituting it with cannabis.

In conclusion to this, cannabis can be fruitful if use in moderation and  right way. Try not to put into the snare of peer pressure do what is beneficial for you. Accomplish your benefit.

…..Anonymous viewpoint, period

Welcome to the wild side

Raving is a hindsight, an entry towards the other side , to the wild side, dancing ecstatically and get hypnotized to the techno beats and then mesmerised by the psychedelic visuals. It can definitely become a tipping point and from there, there is no coming back.

For Raver’s we usually use word ‘vibe’
sharing feeling of togetherness and excitement that takes us beyond simple hedonism. Egos and personal prejudices are left behind as people celebrate life and feed off of each other’s positive energy. The music takes you to the path of spiritual valley where we feel connected not only with ourselves, but with forces of the nature that revolve around us. Raving is not just a single feeling it’s a multitude of different kind of emotions. It’s all magic with ones or magic of ecstasy by entering to some other domain. There is no such manifesto on the ideology of ravers it’s discovered from insight, experiences and feelings which pulsate within us.

Humans have the utmost propensity to escape- Movies, drugs, vacations; are all a temporary change of our realities, a way to forget about our worries and woes. Raving let us immerse ourselves into the world with removing social pressures, and no expectations and in that the period of escapism we can really find the true meaning of our existence. Escapism is easiest in raving because people come and freed themselves from the tyranny of being a part of the spectacle.

You can think Raving as a kind of meditation, but mediation with body because you get completely out of your mind and immerses wholly into yourself and establish intense connection with your body. A lot of communication happens in your domain, but what verbally be listened is music and everything else get mute and through that quietness we communicate non-verbally with ourselves, Cosmo and everything we see and sense, As they say keeping quiet is the biggest language.

Rave is lots to do with the perception of re- connection with the ‘ lost’. – our bodies, nature, feelings, emotions. Rave create a boundless boundaries for the most open ended range of possible sexualities cultures and indeed identities. Not least it adds a lot of of pleasure to our mundane lives.

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